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In the time I have spent as a hair stylist I can honestly say that Olaplex is the greatest thing I have ever worked with, as well as being the absolute greatest thing that has happened to my hair. Olaplex is a complete game changer for stylists and for anyone with hair on their head, or even a beard for that matter.

I have always been a skeptic of the promises some companies make. They are marketed to say they will repair damage but instead coat hair with heavy silicones and film formers. The results are temporary and in some cases actually attribute to the ailments with our hair in the first place. They are basically really great "band aids". When I first heard about the magical Olaplex I was not sold. I started reading about it more and more, and after hearing amazing reviews from reputable hair stylist I decided to place my first order. After about 6 months of incorporating Olaplex into my personal routine, the breakage or "mini haircuts" I used to get all over my bathroom sink every time I would brush my hair went away. I started adding Olaplex into all of my highlight and color formulas. My clients that were processed blondes had hair that was stronger and shinier than before, my color clients saw less fading and added strength and shine. The humbleness and integrity of the company itself is what sealed the deal for me; they are not a subsidiary of a large corporation, they were created by two chemist in their garage, cruelty free, and no cheap bullshit ingredients.

Now I have been using Olaplex for over 2 years and I will never work without it. If I am stranded on a deserted island I am brining Olaplex with me, only because I am sure I can cultivate coconut oil out of the coconuts that will already be on the island.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a bond multiplier. With 3 parts; No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3. All three parts utilize the same patented active ingredient.

-No. 1 is the liquid concentrated form that is mixed in with color, lightener, and glosses. It can also be applied with water as a stand alone treatment with or without a chemical service.

-No. 2 is a cream form of No. 1 for ease of application, it is applied directly after a chemical service in salon or as the second part to a stand alone treatment in salon.

-No. 3 is the take home version of No. 2 so you can maintain the benefits outside of the salon by incorporating Olaplex into your regular routine at home.

The chemistry of Olaplex is what makes it unlike anything else available on the market. So much so, Olaplex has 8 world wide patents solidifying its uniques that cannot be duplicated or compared to anything else. I mix Olaplex No.1 in all of my highlight and color formulas, insuring the integrity of my clients hair is preserved. Meaning within reason, after intense chemical services the hair will be in better condition than before which is the opposite of what the reality of chemical services has previously been.

How does it work?

Olaplex works by multiplying the amount of disulfide bonds in the hair, linking broken disulfide bonds back together, stopping the cystic acid that is produced when they are broken that leads to damage.

Here is a break down of whats that means:

-Hair is made out of a protein called Keratin.

-The Keratin protein is made up of whats called disulfide bonds.

-When any kind damage occurs to the hair (chemical, thermal, or mechanical) the disulfide bonds break.

-When the disulfide bonds break they become a magnet for oxygen molecules.

-Once 3 molecules attach themselves to the broken bond the oxidation process beings and releases cystic acid.

-Cystic acid eats away at the keratin protein also called the cuticle layer of the hair.

-The result is damaged hair with a split ends.

-Olaplex goes in and knocks off two of the three oxygen molecules attached to the broken disulfide bond.

-Leaving one half of a broken disulfide bond with one oxygen molecule to be reconnected to its other half.

-Once the disulfide bond is repaired it will not break again unless chemically, thermally, or mechanically broken again.

-Olaplex stops the domino effect from happening by repairing any compromised disulfide bonds Olaplex is preventing any new damage.

This is the chemistry that sets Olaplex apart. Working on a molecular level truly fixing the problem from the inside out.

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