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How do I choose the correct service for me?

If you are unsure about what you need to get done, please fill out an inquiry form and if needed we can schedule an in person consultation to go over your specific goals.

How do I book an appointment?

For new clients, please fill out the inquiry form and I will be in contact with you within 72 hours. For existing clients please text me directly.

What are Balayage, Baby lights, and Air Touch Balayage highlights?

These are different highlighting techniques. Your current color and specific goals will determine which route would be the best for you. Some inspiration photos are not specific to one technique and utilizing one or more of these options combined create a personal tailored look.

-Balayage, also known as hair painting. Lightener is painted onto the surface of the hair to create a natural sun kissed highlight.   

-Babylights are micro-weaved highlights. The highlights start directly at the root and are tiny pieces throughout the hair. They keep a lot of brightness at the root while also having a more natural blended grow out than traditional foil highlights. 

-Air Touch balayage is using the air from a blowdryer to push little hairs out of the way to lighten the majority of length that is left.  The result is a seamless transition that gives brightness at the root (not as much as a baby light) and a pop at the ends. 



What is a Root Shadow?

A Root Shadow is an advanced toning service, it blends highlights into the natural color at the root to create more depth in the color, as well as extend the grow-out. It softens the line of demarcation so that your roots never have a harsh line growing in. 



What is a Gloss/Toner?

If you have had highlights before and after a few weeks you find they start to look a little yellow/orange (brassy) than a toner is what you’re looking for. A toner is done directly after we highlight to give you a specific shade of color. Think of the highlighting portion of the appointment upping the brightness of your hair and the toning portion adding specific hues (ash, gold, beige, etc.) When the toner fades, the raw lifted color starts to come back through. Depending on your after care routine a toner will fade in about 4-8 weeks.


What is purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a great way for blondes maintain their color at home. Purple is opposite yellow on a color wheel and neutralizes unwanted warm tones. It keeps your hair bright and cool in between appointments. I recommend the Pulp Riot Barcelona Shampoo and it should be used bi/weekly or as needed followed by a deep conditioning mask.



How often should I maintain my color/highlights?

The frequency of your salon visits are going to depend on your specific hair type, goals, and budget. All of that is considered during our consultation so we can make a plan to fit your specific needs. Generally I would recommend being in the studio every 12 weeks for maintenance.


What is a good aftercare routine?

Following a good aftercare routine will help the quality of your hair as well as maintain what we do in the studio.

-Wait 48 hours to wash your hair after a color or highlighting service to give the hair cuticle time to settle down. 

-Use a professional sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

-Use a deep conditioning treatment weekly/biweekly

-Incorporate Olaplex No.3 into your beauty routine. 

-Try to limit the amount of heat you are putting on your hair and never go above 350 degrees with thermal styling. 

What is Olaplex?

Hair is made out of a protein called keratin and disulfide bonds makeup the keratin protein. These bonds are the building blocks of strength in your hair. Think of the pegs of a latter. Over the corse of our lives we break a number of these bonds that unavoidably lead to split ends. Olaplex is a patented product and the only thing on the market that chemically rebonds broken disulfide bonds back together on a molecular level. The result is truly stronger, healthier hair. Olaplex’s only job is to replace broken disulfide bonds. It is not a deep conditioner or a keratin treatment. It can be used with other treatments but Olaplex stands alone as the only chemical bond builder that is truly rebuilding disulfide bonds in the hair. Olaplex is added in with every highlighting/chemical service I do to insure the health of your hair during your appointment. Even without doing a chemical service the benefits of Olaplex can be felt with a stand alone treatment and continued use of Olaplex No.3 at home.

What is the difference between professional and drugstore products?


Quality. Typically drugstore shampoos have non-water soluble, non-volatile silicones in them. They are effective at cleaning your hair but they contain so much of these silicones that they create a build up over time. Not only do they fade your new color quicker than professional sulfate free shampoo, once this silicone coats the hair it becomes difficult for moisture to pass through and over time the hair becomes dehydrated. Your hair may still feel soft and look shinny but it is a coating of essentially plastic on your hair giving this feeling. If you have used a drug store shampoo for a long time and ever tried a professional shampoo and felt that the professional shampoo made your hair feel dryer than the drug store one, this is because the professional shampoo began to remove the buildup of silicone and your actual hair texture was exposed. This is something that can easily be fixed with hydrating treatments and time but also is avoidable by using a better quality shampoo from the jump. 

Should I buy products from Amazon, Target, Giant, etc.?


No, typically they are either counterfeit, tampered with or black market. Product diversion is when 3rd party whole sale companies acquire large quantities of professional product and cut them down with pretty much anything they want. They then rebottle and resell them to huge companies. The issue with diverted products is there could be anything in them, they are completely unregulated and are not guaranteed quality from the manufacturer. The best place to get professional hair products is salons, directly from the manufacturers website, or Sephora and Ulta. All of these places are reputable and authorized retailers of professional hair products.

Amazon is a weird land to navigate when shopping for professional products. Some companies do have deals worked out with Amazon to legitimately carry their product but there are also a lot of 3rd party companies that post the items as well. When shopping on Amazon be sure to specifically check who the seller of the product is before purchasing, if the seller is not the direct manufacturer of the product I would not recommend buying it. 

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