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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the number one product I use more than anything else. My boyfriend says that when the impending zombie apocalypse happens I will be going after 14 jars of coconut oil, he's not wrong.

Coconut oil can be used for everything. Need Whiten your teeth? Coconut oil. Lotion

with a natural SPF? coconut oil. Makeup Remover? coconut Oil. Cooking, body scrub, shaving cream, coffee creamer, deodorant, the list goes on.

What makes coconut oil so special? Naturally it is made up of over 50% Lauric Acid which is a Triglyceride, making coconut oil high in saturated fat and making it solid at room temperature. Lauric acid makes it easier for oil and water to mix together giving coconut oil its moisturizing reputation. Coconut oil is absorbed deep into the cuticle layer of the hair and can be helpful with treating chemical damage, thermal damage, a moisture imbalance on the scalp, dandruff and itchy scalp due to the hydrating and anti-bacterial properties. Routine coconut oil treatments are recommended on a once every 4 week basis or as needed.

Coconut Oil Treatment

What you need...

Organic Unrefined Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil.

-Warm the Coconut Oil, either by melting a small amount on the stove or running the jar under warm water.

-On your dry hair apply the liquid coconut oil to the hair and scalp, thoroughly saturating the mid-shaft and ends of the hair.

-Comb through and leave on over night.

-To remove the coconut oil, rinse the hair with warm water.

-Apply conditioner and evenly comb through, leave for 10 minutes.

(The oils in the conditioner help pull the oil out of your hair.)

-Rinse, shampoo twice and then condition.

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